Want to know how Dream Deal works? It is very simple and exciting! The store is restocked every Friday and Saturday, the prices are just $6. As the week goes on and our inventory gets cleared out by our customers, everything drops in price. On Wednesday we offer a variety of clearance specials. It can be anything from "Fill Your Bag" for a certain price, or maybe "10 or 20 items" for $5, etc. We will announce the Clearance Special the day before!

We sell absolutely everything you can imagine! You can find anything from tablets to cosmetics, from tools to videogames! We get containers full of product and we never know what we will get. We simply get the product and put it in the bins for the consumers to come and find, it is a treasure hunt!

Dream Deals Spartanburg

Dream Deals Columbia

*Closing time depends on product availability. Product usually sells out by 3-4pm.If you plan on coming after 2pm* please check our Facebook to see if we posted that we sold out.


Our goal was to create a store where shoppers could enjoy a new type of shopping experience.


Our vision was to make shopping like a treasure hunt where customers can find amazing deals, a Dream Deal! At any moment shoppers can come find big ticket products and never pay more than a fraction of their cost.


We are trying to make shopping fun and exciting again!







Dream Deals Spartanburg 

445 S Blackstock Road
Spartanburg, SC 29301


We are at a very convenient location with an enormous amount of parking space! We are located at 445 S Blackstock Road, right off Reidville Road.

Dream Deals Columbia 

2271 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina 29169


We are located in the Sunset Plaza next to Grouchos! A very convenient location with a lot of parking!

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